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Nyra Stat
Made with 100% synthetic yarn that never needs treatment. Dust is picked up by static cling. Yarn air-dries quickly. Synthetic backing comes standard in white. Date coded to prove long life. Launderable. Sizes: 5" wide x 18", 24", 36" and 48".
Premium Proline Treated
These prelaundered dust mops are constructed with a synthetic yarn blend. Infinity Twist is an industrial grade mop that will hold up to the harshest conditions better than any dust mop on the market. Launderable without netting and offers energy-efficient savings by drying quickly. Available in 5" wide x 18", 24"m 36", 48" and 60".
Filmop has perfected microfiber technology to offer the unique Rapido microfiber mopping system. Holds more soil than conventional microfiber mop heads. Exclusive long-looped design gets into grooves and pores. No foam makes it safe for healthcare use. Washable at up to 210 degrees F. Available in blue, white, yellow, green and red. Use wet, damp or dry.
Frames & Handles
Set-O-Swiv and Quik Change. Coated with a durable polymer that resists rust and prevents cracking.
Disposable Dusting Sheets
Pretreated disposable dusting sheets, available in 13.5x18 and 18x24.
Disposable Dusting Sheets/Tools
Feather Dusters
Genuine 100% mature gray or black Drab ostrich feathers. Safe for more delicate surfaces.
Wall & Ceiling Dusters
Lambswool, polywool and microfiber, available in many lengths and styles.
Dust Mop Treatment
Water based and paraffin based dust control compound. Safer to use and store than most oil based treatments.